We seek cooperation with foreign equipment, materials and components manufacturers for negotiating dealer contracts and distributing the produce throughout the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

“OPTIMEX” llc is a trade company dealing for years in equipment supplies from China, Korea, Taiwan, as well as component supplies from Germany, Sweden, Italy, Finland and other European countries.

We have efficient long-standing relations in all spheres relating to our business. “OPTIMEX” today has sound links with numerous Russian and foreign organizations:

- Trade agents of equipment supplies from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Italy and other European countries (sometimes equipment supply is only possible through such agents).

- Inspection organizations (supplying goods from Taiwan, Korea and especially China often requires inspecting product quality control both at manufacturing and shipment stages).

- Consulting firms, customs brokers, transporting and insurance companies; organizations providing storage facilities in Asia, Europe and Russia.
We will be happy to see you as our partners and to offer cooperation to companies specializing in the above-mentioned fields.